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PCI Specialty Chemistry

PCI's state of the art chemical Blending operation (PCI Specialty Chemistry) is a "Zero Discharge Operation". We use ISO 9000 quality procedures. No waste discharge. Environmentally friendly, responsible with National distribution.

PCI is the North American distributor for Asahi Kasei's "Electronic Materials "SUNFORTtm" dry film photoresists.

Asahi Kasei is a world leader in negative working Dry Film Photoresist products.

Asahi Kasei's products are used in used in: PCB, Chemical Milling, Thin Film, ITO Touch Screen, Semi-Conductor lithography applications.
The patented STS Direct™ conductive tin/palladium System lets you decide when to switch electroless. The system can be installed in your existing electroless line while leaving the electroless in until you feel the time is right.

Client Comments

The implementation of Asahi Kasei's ADV 306 Inner-Layer print and etch resist and ADV 506 outer-layer plating resist has served us well. We're experiencing higher yields than the alternative products that were evaluated. These films consistently perform at a high level and give Protech confidence in its ability to produce a high-quality, reliable product to its customers.

Terry Schrupp, Senior Engineering Manager
Protech Interconnect Solutions